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SpecialOffers  On-line discounts on products and services that promote better health. 

Saving money is good. Saving money on things that are designed to be good for you - that's even better. With SpecialOffers, you can receive discounts on products and services that help promote better health and well-being. And, there's no extra cost to you. SpecialOffers is just one of the perks of being a HealthLink member.

Start taking advantage of the SpecialOffers exclusive discounts and services today. Options change, so be sure to visit the website to view the latest offerings. SpecialOffers discounts do not affect the benefit coverage provided by your health plan. Discounts are offered by independent vendors who represent the following service types:

  • Family & Home
  • Fitness & Health
  • Medicine & Treatment
  • Vision, Hearing & Dental

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